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ESQG is proud to offer full Custom Quality Systems to our clients at similar or better prices than our current competitors. At ESQG, you will not find us implementing a 300-page "cookie cutter" system purchased within your organization. All systems are built specific to your organization's needs and system requirements. The big difference between ESQ and our competitors is that our systems are created and implemented by actual practicing auditors, within the field they are building the systems for. This applies to all applicable standards we implement: ISO / AS / GMP / CGMP. This is also applicable for our Internal Auditors and employee training.

Contact us today to see the difference and how simple a simplistic system could look within your organization.

ESQG vets and background checks all of our consultants to be the cream of the crop to what they are specifically consulting on. We hand pick each consultant and identify their strengths, making sure that they are a perfect fit for your company and the training they are performing. We believe that people make the difference.

We are excited to announce our newest members, Don Sinkway and Rhonda Anisman, to our team with over 25 years of experience in Quality Management Systems and related fields as an Auditor/Independent Contractor including client consulting, QMS and AQMS system implementation.

what we do


quality management system implementation

Let ESQG assist your organization with the documentation and implementation of your Quality Management System. We have streamlined our quality system using only what is mandatory to document, leaving a unique, clean and efficient system.

Our current systems offered are for:

  1. AS9100

  2. AS9110

  3. AS9120

  4. ISO9001

  5. ISO14001

  6. ISO13485

  7. ISO17025

  8. Cgmp

quality management system Certificate of Conformity

Many companies now are choosing to get a Certificate of Conformity instead of certification with a registrar for ISO/GMP compliant companies. ESQG preforms an audit to compliance of the applicable ISO/GMP standard and issues a Certificate of Conformity just as a registrar would. This is only if your customers are not requiring a certificate from a registration body. It is a simple, cheaper way to show your customers your internal system is compliant to the applicable standard within the organization with no red tape.

Our current certificates offered are for:

  1. ISO9001

  2. ISO14001

  3. ISO13485

  4. Cgmp

Internal & Supplier Audits

Let ESQG assist your organization with verifying that the management system is in compliance with the relevant ISO standard and checking to ensure that the actions taken to meet the quality objectives of the organization are suitable for your internal or suppliers.

The systems we audit are:

  1. AS9100

  2. AS9110

  3. AS9120

  4. ISO9001

  5. ISO14001

  6. ISO13485

  7. ISO17025

  8. GMP

Internal audit

Audits can be used to meet the internal auditing requirements of these standards. In addition, pre-certification readiness audits, gap analysis or process audits can be performed to ensure the organization is ready for a compliance certification or surveillance audit.

Second Party Audit

We can perform audits on your current or future vendors/suppliers to ensure they are meeting the requirements that your organization currently requires. Whether you are looking to approve new vendors or perform an evaluation no matter the reason, we can help.

Third Party Audit

Over the years we have built relationships with numerous certification bodies that provide the certification your organization is looking to obtain. We will help you choose a certification body, schedule your audits and then conduct the audit using our value added auditing style which is geared to developing a partnership with your organization. We build relationships with clients and add value to the organization while verifying compliance to the standard being audited.

Company & Employee Training

Let ESQG assist your organization with all employee training needs as it is vital to an organization and is used to increase the technical skills, knowledge, efficiency, and greater internal value of your employees.

Types of training we offer for your company are:

  1. AS9100

  2. AS9110

  3. AS9120

  4. ISO9001

  5. ISO14001

  6. ISO13485

  7. ISO17025

  8. ITAR

  9. Workplace Ethics

  10. Corrective Actions

  11. 5S

  12. 5Why

  13. Harassment Prevention & Sensitivity

  14. Cyber Bullying

  15. Lean Manufacturing

  16. Train the Trainer

  17. and more!


Let ESQG assist your organization in the design of logos to ecommerce websites and anything in between, designing for those who need a boost in a digital world, for businesses ranging from small to large.

The digital assets we create are:

  1. Logo

  2. Business Cards

  3. Brochures

  4. Promo Items

  5. Branding & Marketing

  6. Advertisements

  7. Websites

  8. Landing Pages

  9. and more!


At ESQG, there is no hidden fees, no delays or changes in pricing. We guarantee that you will pass your Certification Audit or we will pay for the 2nd Certification audit to be conducted. Our pricing is straight forward and affordable for all our offered services that your organization is requiring. ESQ is the only company that is so transparent, we post up our prices on our website as we have nothing to hide from our customers. Most of the systems can be implemented and audited within 30-60 days from start date.

Our number one priority is the satisfaction of our customers.

The chart below displays the pricing and funding deductions, if your organization qualifies.

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who we work with


Alternative Energy
Cannabidiol (CBD)
Medical Cannabis
Metal Finishing & Recyclers
Nicotine Liquids & Salts
Powder Coating & Painting

Help for those in need

etp funding

In the past as a company, ETP funding has been nearly impossible to get for most sized companies. ESQG has cut through all of the clutter and all the hard work for your company. A simple two-page form will be sent to you to filling so just answer a few questions, list eligible employees and we submit for ETP approval. Let us help cover the training or systems implementation cost your company needs, for little or no cost to you depending on the size of the organization.


The state of CA ETP fund is reserved for incumbent [employed] workers. California is looking to provide an approx. $120 million in training funds for CA-based companies. Since the program started in 1981, the fund has never been depleted. The State of CA connects with agencies or directly with companies and assigns an annual training budget. Combined with [ETP] funding we have taken all work out of getting funding with a simple step program that we handle for your company. To coordinate funding for your company, we will work directly with your company, to determine which type of [ETP] contract will work best for your company's needs. We work together with you all the way from design to implementation and administration to make sure you are not only receiving the needed training but support on your funding needs from your current employee count and pay scale. The [ETP] fund is a part of the state of CA tax code, meaning the fund is replenished each year from the state payroll tax revenues. Get some of your hard-earned tax dollars back to work for you and your company. 

Contact us for a full list of all services that can be completed under ETP Funding.

Eligibility Requirements

Trainees must be full-time employees [>35 hours/week]. Trainees must earn a minimum of $16 per hour minus the cost of benefits, which generally comes out to $2.50 per hour [example would be an employee making $13.50 per hour with $2.50 going to benefits, total hourly package comes to $16 so that employee would qualify].

If unionized, a letter of acknowledgment is needed from the shop foreman on union letterhead. Trainees must remain employed throughout the duration of the training and 90 days after the training is completed.

what our clients say


"Our company was searching for a consultant to help us with a Quality Management System in order to obtain our AS9100 Certification. Another machine shop had worked with Erik in the past and highly recommended him. After interviewing several consultants, our team made the decision to work with Erik. So happy we made this decision. Erik has a vast knowledge of what it takes to put a QMS in place that is straight forward and user friendly. During the process of putting the QMS in place, Erik was always available to answer questions and helped us make sure we had forms that made sense for our business. This was a challenging task for our small team but with Erik’s expertise and guidance we were able to successfully reach or goal of obtaining our AS9100 Certification within our three-month time frame. We look forward to working with Erik to audit our system from time to time for years to come."

Kathy Kramer

President at Trabuco Precision

"Our experience with ESQG was great from start to finish. Several of our customers started requesting higher level quality certifications and needed to start the process quickly. They were able to accommodate us on short notice and assigned their top manager to our project. Communication throughout the process was clear and always available by email or phone 24/7. They helped us through each step of meeting the ISO9001 standards and adjusting our current system to make it efficient as possible. I would highly recommend them if you need assistance updating your quality management system quickly and effectively. Thank you ESQG!"

Alan Saunders

Owner at DeLeon

"ESQG has been helping us consistently with auditing for the past few years. Every year they come through our doors, it has been very knowledgeable and helpful. I've learned a lot from them over the years and always welcome a good debate when it comes to interpretation of clauses. They were detrimental in helping us get ISO9001 certified. They've always been available for support when we have questions to help improve our QMS."

Larry Nguyen

COO at Corru-Craft

"I contacted ESQG last year to assist my company with the AS9100 transition and turned out to be the best money we've ever spent for a consulting service. The staff are experienced and knowledgeable and always make themselves available to provide post-project support. I feel we're fortunate to have found a resource like ESQG and look forward to our next project together."

Zoey Peralta

President at Nicotine River

"Our company is a MIL/AERO supplier with design and manufacturing processes. We recently completed a rigorous three-day ISO 9001 Stage II Audit and were very pleased to have passed the audit with flying colors, zero findings! A big “THANK YOU!” goes to our consultants from ESQG, who made it possible for our company to achieve this success. With their support, we were able to implement improvements and fill all of the gaps that were identified during their careful assessment. They developed customized diagrams, specially tailored for our company, to layout our core processes and supported our performance of SWOT analysis which brought much clarity and focus on our key objectives. With the tools provided by ESQG, we were able to have a “clean” audit with no findings! Thank you ESQG. We couldn’t have done it without you!"

Liyana Buchanan

President at MPP

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